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Plastic Key Turn Selector Switch Xb5 Zb5afd

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Basic Info

Feature: Flat

Principle: Capacitive

Type: Composite

Structure: Power Built-in Type

Kind: Single-pole on-off Switch

Detection Method: Reflection Type

Certification: CE, CCC

Transport Package: 25PCS/Carton

Protection: Waterproof, Dust-Proof, Insulation

Wiring: Single Live Line

Application: Electronics, Industrial

Number of Switch: Multi Control Switch

Usage: Control Button, Start Button, Limit Button, Reset Button, Check Button, Disconnector, Change-over Switch, Control Switch

Product Description

Plastic Key-turn Selector Turn-button Switch

Plastic turn-button switches use anti-drunkeness operation head, it can't be teared head down from front.All the contacts have both functions of alternation circuit and self-cleanliness. It can keep stability in low-voltage and small current 15V, 5mA. NO and NC contact groups are independant and can be combinated for application.Connecting erminas are very safe. Metal operation push button and its bases are strong due to the allumen materials. 


Ui Rated insylation voltage  

        AC400V 50Hz

Ith Conventional heating current


Withstand Voltage

        2500VAC, 1 minute

Contact resistance

       ≤50mΩ (initial value)

Mechanical Life

      1 million times for flat type

Electrical Life 

     0.5 million times for flat type

IP rate


Rated Voltage

     380V/ 220V/ 110V/ 48V/ 24V

Rated Current 

    AC-15  2.5  4.5  6  8
    DC-13       0.6  1.3 2.5

Working Temperature

   -25oC to +70oC

Drilling or cut-out for fixing



  1xNC, 1xNO

Class of pollution

  level 3

Class of installation


Color of button

 Black/ Red

Working way

Self-reset/ Self-locked

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